• Our simple solution to a big problem comes from our four-pronged approach.

Our Simple Solution

Organic Growing

 Several organic techniques are combined to empower people to use even small, barren or dry pieces of land. Everything that can be used to help rebuild the soil is made use of. Water harvesting is combined with different forms of composting to make the soil come alive.

Nutritional Training

The healing properties in various foods are examined to create an overall diet that can dramatically improve the immune system. Communities are rediscovering indigenous foods that can keep them healthy. Most of these foods have been abandoned by the growing of mono crops like corn. Herbal medical gardens can come to the rescue when disease strikes.

Natural Medicine

Herbal medical gardens can come to the rescue when disease and medical problems strikes. We teach about the twenty different issues that herbal medicine can address.  These benefits have been used for centuries in different parts of the world and are now being discovered to be effective using modern science.

Income Generation

As people understand the healing power of different plants this creates a demand for these foods in the market places. Low income mono crops like corn can be replaced with high value healthy foods.