• Our Organic Agricultural Trainers (OATS) are transforming communities across Africa. And they’re bringing organic growing, nutritional training, disease prevention and income generation with them.

What is an OAT?

Fourty years ago, John Jeavons, founder of Ecology Action based in California, started training leaders in sustainable organic gardening. Today leaders have been trained in 150 countries in the Grow Biointensive method. Our Kenyan Director, Boaz Oduor, spent six months working with John Jeavans to thoroughly understand this model.

We have developed a training model that puts practical experience first. So 1/3 of the time is in classroom and 2/3 of the time is spent either gaining practical gardening or community experience.  We believe that practical training in community development is central to successful projects

Click on an OAT profile to see what projects they are running.  OATS are catagorized by Country.



Jacob started with us in 2012 and has worked in Liberia and Kenya. He comes from a very rural part of Kenya and wasn’t able to attend school till he was 14 years of age. Today at age 26 he love to learn and help people. He is currently receiving training as the Assistant Director working with Boaz. He oversees the public school and prison projects and is learning to be a director.


Joyce is one our most ambitious OATS. Even before completing her two-year internship she had started reaching out to the women’s prisons and has now become a part of the furniture there. The women at the prisons love her to pieces.  She has brought great hope for a better future to hundreds of women through her work.


Joseph runs several community garden projects in his own community near Kitale, as well as the Mens Prison projects


Francis took the internship in 2010 – he has 4 kids of his own and works in a town called Macakos – he oversees 12 projects



Ambrose took his internship in 2010 and oversees our work in Uganda. He is an excellant trainer and country director


Moses finished his two-year internship in 2014 and returned to his home country of Uganda. There he has started 11 group projects in the Toro area, with 132 members. He says their lives have been dramatically changed by the teaching they received about bio-intensive farming and natural medicine.


John Damas

John took the internship in 2012 and has started 12 projects in Western Rwanda. He is doing a great job of helping these communities and has a real servant heart.


Jimmy took the internship in 2013 and has done a tremendous job helping his community. He started and overseas 10 different projects in Rwanda, and also started a project in a school for the blind – now that’s innovation.


Name of OAT:  Kaderi Kashengla 

Kaderi Kashengla is from the  Uvira district in the Congo. After completing his internship he returned to the Congo where he has started and is running several projects there.


Chance completed his internship in 2015 and has returned to The Congo to start 29 projects, One of these projects is with a church which has over 1000 members as well as 1500 children. He has also started four school projects. The number of people that he is working directly with is 1349. This is a tremendous accomplishment in such a short period of time and so many lives are being blessed through his work.