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The Best Healing Options

Often when the cold weather comes people start to think about flu shots and other medications. Are there other options that can be used to help avoid and treat these awful illnesses?

The winter is not just a time of escaping the weather. For some of us it is enjoying the seed catalogs that come every year after Christmas.

One of my favourite catalogs comes from a herbal seed company. It may be hard to believe, but this one company sells almost a thousand different seeds with the majority of them having health building benefits.

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Pokot County Project

Pokot County Project Rewarded With Tools

ORGANICS 4 ORPHANS INTERNATIONAL Project Information Story Visitation and Inspection of 2 Month-Old Pokot County Project, Kenya, East Africa Mamas Take Over the Land On August 22, the Organics4Orphans international team set out on a journey…

What Are The Chances? A Trip To Africa!

A story of how Nic Soontiens and his wife won a trip to Africa with Organics 4 Orphans. Local Grocery Store Visit Turns Into a Trip to Africa When my 11-year old daughter and I popped in to Nature’s Way Select Foods & Brewing Supplies…
O4O Students graduating from growing health institute
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O4O Student Interns and New Students Interviews

ORGANICS 4 ORPHANS INTERNATIONAL Project Information Story Enjoy reading the following interviews to learn more about our recent O4O students and what they stand for. Each O4O student was asked the same 6 questions which address their expectations…
Organics 4 Orphans Thanksgiving with Naturopathic Doctor

An Organics 4 Orphans Thanksgiving Message

Where Is Your Gaze? Everyone enjoys the time of the year when we slow down and reflect on the good things in life. So often our gaze is only on what is up ahead. The holiday of Thanksgiving helps us to slow down. During this time, I reflect…

Anglican primary school goes green

Boaz, the African directory has a special interest in this school - his oldest daughter attends this school along with a few hundred other girls