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The Double-Edged Sword of Antibiotics

Will You Win the 50/50 Antibiotic Lottery? Just this morning I was talking to a friend who was vacationing down south. She mentioned how quickly a bug had gotten into her system, pushing her body temperature to 104 degrees. She went to a local medical clinic, got a round of antibiotics and 12 hours later […]

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Organics 4 Orphans Thanksgiving with Naturopathic Doctor

An Organics 4 Orphans Thanksgiving Message

Where Is Your Gaze? Everyone enjoys the time of the year when we slow down and reflect on the good things in life. So often our gaze is only on what is up ahead. The holiday of Thanksgiving helps us to slow down. During this time, I reflect…

Anglican primary school goes green

Boaz, the African directory has a special interest in this school - his oldest daughter attends this school along with a few hundred other girls

#1 - If the earth is sick we are sick

There is a cause and effect in how we treat the planet. A green,  life giving environment has proven to support health. A garbage ridden living area breeds disease. For many people living in the crisis of extreme poverty, what the environment…

New Online Training

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS SPACE Finally our one-month training program is going online. We are just waiting for the final touches and approval from the hosting site before we publish this training. Everyone with a computer and an internet connection…

50 ideas that could end extreme poverty

We have been so excited and busy implementing the amazing 21st century ideas that create sustainability that we haven't done a good job of sharing them with those who come to our site. Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out the 50 newer…

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