Our Mission

Creating more to help the extreme poor

through sustainable organic agriculture and natural medicine.

How Are We Different?

Projects must be sustainable and owned by the beneficiaries. Within one year and for as little as $500, a community can grow 80% of their food and reduce diseases by up to 80%.

We Empower Locals

By putting the power of organic agriculture into the hands of people through education, it takes them out of a cycle of aid dependence and into self-reliance. We believe that the best people to evoke positive change in an impoverished community are the people who live there!

Empowering locals encourages community involvement, and our Bio-Intensive method makes it easy for young and old to participate. This means bringing together communities and building sustainability for years to come!

Our Projects Are Sustainable

The Bio-Intensive method which we teach our OATS is one that requires 50% less water compared to conventional agriculture, uses double-dug beds to help regenerate soil and for easy harvesting, and uses composted organic matter to fertilize new crops. OATS are also trained in seed harvesting, which accommodates replanting each season without the need to constantly buy more seeds.

Our Method is Cost Efficient

Bio-Intensive agriculture generates maximum yields in the smallest space using the least time, energy, resources and money. At $100 a bag, fertilizer has now become completely out of reach for the average farmer in a developing country. Our Bio-Intensive method teaches people to reuse organic matter in their gardens and to reduce or preferably illiminate chemical fertilizers.

Our methods use no-till farming which allows for up to a 99% reduction in the amount of energy used.  Small scale gardens and intensive planting in minimal spaces, produces good yields and healthy crops and can lead to a 200-400% increase in income per unit of area farmed.

Where We Are Headed

Locals tasting the work of their hands

We aim to make Kitale  a “Center of Excellence” which showcases how “Growing Health” can transform a community.

In 2017 we plan to create “healing gardens” in different medical centers in the Kitale area.

Educational leaders have encouraged us to expand our one-month Growing Health Seminar into a year-long college level program. With the help of educational experts, curriculum is being developed to create the “Growing Health Institute” for 2018.