• Our Growing Health Institute trains people in organic agriculture and natural medicine to go out and transform communities.

The Growing Health Institute in Kitali, Kenya

The Growing Health Institute is our training center in Kitale, Kenya. Since opening in 2011 leaders from 20 different countries have taken the course.

Each month-long seminar has four different emphasis – organic growing, nutritional excellence, natural medicine and community development.

10 Areas of Natural Health

  • Seeing the miracle body
  • Water and the miracle body
  • Disease and the immune system
  • Foods that prevent disease
  • Foods that cause disease
  • Foods that treat disease
  • Preparing food
  • Keeping the body in shape
  • Healthy minds and spirits
  • Creating healthy change

10 Areas of Organics Growing

  • Seeing the living world below the soil
  • Seeing the plant world
  • Repairing the soil
  • Feeding the soil
  • Water harvesting
  • Permaculture
  • A lifestyle of starting and saving seeds
  • Different crops and planning
  • Creating income
  • Creating community groups

10 Areas of Natural Medicine

  • Natural medicine is not witchcraft
  • Advantages of natural medicine
  • 20 medical problems that herbs help
  • Locally available natural medicinal plants
  • Focus on treating malaria
  • Focus on treating skin diseases
  • Focus on treating diarrhea
  • Moringa for health
  • Making natural  medicines
  • Building the immune system with herbs