Become an OAT

What is an OAT?

An OAT is a fully trained Organic Agricultural Trainer who has gone through a two-year training program with O4O. Once qualitfied, these men and women will work in various African countries as representatives of the organization. They will start and oversee numerous community projects while being fully suppported by O4O both financially and morally. We currently have OATS in eight different African countries doing incredible work and changing lives and communities.

What It Takes to Become an OAT

Becoming an O4O Organic Agricultural Trainer is open to everyone. Once you have met our selection criteria then you will attend the first of four, one-month training schools in Kitale, Kenya. After the first seminar, the OAT will start three small community projects then return to the school for the second training. Once this is completed, the student will start three more community projects while working at the School. O4O covers the cost of all tuition, food and accommodation while the student is taking the training. The current estimated value of this is around US$2,000.

After the first year the student is sent on a residential character development program for five months. After this is completed they return to the school for another one-month training. During this time the student will assist in the training of new students. After the second year, the student graduates. Once graduated the student is sent, either back to their own country, or another African country, to continue to build community garden projects. During this time they are paid a salary and expenses by O4O. The OAT is fully supported by O4O staff, through mobile phone, and field visits.

If you think you might be interested in applying then complete the information below so our School Director can get in touch.

What Graduated OATS Think of the Training


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