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Figuring out where I was called to work was a crazy ride. After finishing my Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education, I went on to supply teach in various Christian schools. One of the schools that I was teaching at mentioned a potential partnership that they may create with an organization called Organics 4 Orphans. I thought nothing of it as it didn’t involve me until the principal of the school recommended me to them for their Curriculum Development Coordinator position.

The Best Healing Options

Often when the cold weather comes people start to think about flu shots and other medications. Are there other options that can be used to help avoid and treat these awful illnesses?

The winter is not just a time of escaping the weather. For some of us it is enjoying the seed catalogs that come every year after Christmas.

One of my favourite catalogs comes from a herbal seed company. It may be hard to believe, but this one company sells almost a thousand different seeds with the majority of them having health building benefits.

A Decade to Remember – Part 6

Over the last several years, the biggest challenge we faced was our ability to keep up. As demand for sustainability in the developing world continued to increase, we continued to run full steam to train enough leaders.

These days, sustainability seems to be the buzzword. This word involves creating change in the poorest places of the world in ways that will survive through good and bad times. Our Growing Health program includes the most sustainable practices that we have been able to find worldwide.

A Decade to Remember – Part 5

By 2015 we thought that we had projects in every segment of society. Organics 4 Orphans was in public schools, slums, HIV groups, orphans care groups and churches. We realized we weren’t in every segment when Linda got invited to do a devotional talk in a local women’s prison. The next day Linda was speaking to over 200 women and 50 children. Linda shared her life story and how she coped with difficult life circumstances.

A Decade to Remember Part 4

The year 2013 involved the development of many partnerships. Overall, partnerships were created in three different countries. The first being a Canadian NGO called Bopoma Villages, located in Zimbabwe. Their mission involves overcoming poverty by equipping people with the tools to do it themselves.

A Decade to Remember – Part 3

As the year 2010 wrapped up and we welcomed a new year, we also welcomed a new big idea. The third big idea focused on natural medicine. During 2011 we developed a variety of projects with HIV support groups. As we collected results and studied these groups…

A Decade to Remember – Part 2

A Decade to Remember Continues As we focused on the continent of orphans, we realized that there were many more problems. These problems involved food security, nutritional deficiencies, contagious and deadly diseases. Incorporating all issues, we developed the idea of Growing Health as a solution for the world’s poorest continent. Good news travels fast and […]

A Decade to Remember – Part 1

Our 10th Anniversary – A Blog Series Often we look back and wonder where the past few years have gone. This is especially true for Organics 4 Orphans as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. The last decade has involved a lifetime of amazing progress and wonderful experiences. Continue to follow us through our “A Decade […]

Hope For Those Who Face A Death Sentence

Hopelessness Today AIDS is brought to the attention of those around the world as a health awareness day. For those suffering with HIV knowing that the world is interested in their plight is encouraging. Often people with this disease struggle with feelings of hopelessness and rejection. 2.1 Million African Children Infected The continent of Africa […]

My African Adventure

Meet Lea Apostoleris My name is Lea Apostoleris. I have been Atlantic Canada’s territory representative with Purity Life for almost ten years now! I am proud to have grown, over the years, alongside such a great company. Because of our mutual values, commitment, passion, and integrity, rather than drifting apart, Purity and I have moved […]