Our Simple Solution

Organic Gardening

Abandoned or neglected soils are brought back to life through several organic techniques that can be easily learned.

Nutritional Training

Teaching focuses on the nutrient density of every local food in the area. Green leaf crops are shown to have as much as 90 times the values of white rice.

Natural Medicine

The healing power of over 50 plants are examined to combat tropical diseases. Classes on hygeine and clean water systems stop disease before they start.

Income Generation

When food can be used to prevent and treat diseases then surplus freshly grown organic crops have greater value to create income.

What Makes Organics 4 Orphans Different?

Rather than sending aid and food to people in need O4O educates locals in sustainable, organic agriculture
to move their own communities from food reliance into a condition of self-sufficiency – even into surplus.

This puts the power back into the hands of the people, to take ownership of their
own health and communities. O4O simply gives them to tools to do so!

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Student Interns

Providing Training

We provide training that can be freely taught to others in other communities.  With this training, the models are scaleable and can help more people across Africa.

Giving Certifications (OATS)

When an OAT becomes certified, they are employed by O4O to train others.  This creates employment opportunities and generates income in some of the poorest communities across Africa.

Creating Sustainability

We work with the natural conditions of the land to teach proper soil preparation and water collection techniques. We strive to make organic growing sustainable and scaleable.

Collecting Donations

Every dollar counts and is useful to communities where the average income in less than $1 per day. We have donation options for every budget.

Giving Our Time

Our organization is very active. We keep daily contact with our team in Africa, and our Canadian Board frequently visits to help in community projects.

Supporting Each Other

We have had great success with NGO Partners with similar goals as ours. Spring Rains Developments, in partnership with Organic4Orphans, develops Organic gardens in rural Africa based on the conviction that health begins with a diet of nutrient rich vegetables.